Competition Rules

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Competition Rules

Post  The Door Handle on 20th January 2012, 04:36

Please follow these guidlines when entering the competitions:

- Make sure that your entry is your own work
- Do not include anything rude in your entry
- Your entry can be hand drawn but must be clear when scanned in
- All entries are to be posted in the adaquet topic or emailed to: thecompetitiveblobs @
- Always follow the guidlines of that particular competition as well as these
- Your entry must include your forum name, age and your email address (optional). Nothing else.


- The entries will be judged in three different catigories based on age; 5-9; 10-15; 15+.
- One winner will be chosen from each catorgry to be put into the final.
- In the final, one winner will be chosen from the three winners.
- Judging will be done by our judging panel and are anonymous when they are judged.

Good luck!
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