The FoE's Rules

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The FoE's Rules

Post  Barbeller on 20th January 2012, 03:18

In The FoE each rule has a certain amount of warnings if you break it. If you get 3 warnings in a month in a particular area, then you will be banned, unless you redeem yourself.

There are also more important rules, that if you break you will be severely punished. These rules are here to prevent the forum's closure, wheras other are to make sure it is an enjoyable place.

Remember, if we find lots of people breaking these rules, we will become more harsh.


1. No Porn - Auto Permaban

This is very important. If you are found to have posted any porn, your profile will be deleted and you will recieve a permanent IP ban. If Forumotion, our host, finds any porn then we will be in serious risk of closure.

2. No Spamming - 1 Warning

Another extremely important rule. Please do not spam. This will result in a bad reputation for us. If we believe you are trying to sabeteur the forum, then your profile will be deleted. Humor is OK, just make sure it's funny and is in the right place.

3. No Flaming - Depends on the occasion

We can take minor, jokey, insults however we will not tolerate much further. Single insults that will annoy count as 1 warning. Flame Wars will be 2/3 warnings, depending on the content. Please avoid flaming. If someone tries to lure you into one, then contact the forum staff and that member will be given a Warning.

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