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The Blobs Book Club

Post  Barbeller on 27th January 2012, 02:36

Hello, and welcome to the Blobs Book Club!

Every week we will select a book through a voting process. You then have until the following Friday to read it, and we will discuss the book over the weekend on xat.

Voting Process

-Over the weekend, you can nominate books to be voted for. You may only nominate one book per week, and don't nominate a book that has been selected in the last year. The nominations will be on this post.

-Over the week, you then vote for the book in this thread. The winner will be announced on Friday. You then have a week to read the book, and we will discuss it over the weekend.

-This is continued, so while we are discussing one book, we are also nominating others.

If you feel the need to talk about the book over the week, then please keep it in spoilers. Also try and say what pages you are talking about, so people who are past that point can safely open it.

Thankyou, and happy reading!!

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